There’s massive roadblocks to freedom for trafficking survivors​

Thrivers Coffee is ethically sourced, fair trade coffee that funds breakthrough technology and training for law enforcement to assist victims of human trafficking and bring their traffickers to justice.

Solutions to combat human trafficking and service victims are most effective when designed and informed by those who have survived it



2022 US Trafficking
in Persons Report

Every sip supports the fight to end human trafficking

Thrivers Coffee partners directly with DeliverFund, from training officers to supporting survivors


The only people who can arrest human traffickers are law enforcement. It’s why we help train law enforcement with a victim-centered approach.


Misconceptions about human trafficking abound. We educate people on the realities of human trafficking and how to help make our communities safer.


Nobody understands the horror of human trafficking like a survivor. We are supporting survivors on their path to find true freedom and healing.

Empowering Communities Through Coffee

We are more than just a coffee company.

We are advocates for change and social responsibility. Our commitment to provide fair trade coffee with a purpose drives us to make a meaningful impact on the world. Through our artisanal coffee, carefully sourced from organic, fair trade farms, we aim to do more than deliver an exceptional coffee experience. With every sip, you join us in empowering communities by supporting our mission to end human trafficking. It is our firm belief that every individual deserves to live free from the horrors of trafficking, and that’s why 100% of all proceeds go to anti-trafficking efforts with DeliverFund.

Together, we can make a difference and work towards a safer and more secure future for all.

At Thrivers Coffee, our vision extends beyond just serving a delicious cup of coffee. We recognize the urgency of the human trafficking crisis and the importance of protecting our communities from this abhorrent crime. By choosing our fair trade and organic coffee, you actively participate in the fight against human trafficking, ensuring that no one else has to endure the life-altering experiences that victims face. We stand firm in our belief that through collective efforts, we can create a world where human trafficking is eradicated, and every individual can live without fear.

By supporting Thrivers Coffee, you become part of a movement dedicated to preserving the safety and dignity of all people.

DeliverFund is a non-profit that combats human trafficking

With an elite team of experts from the military, law enforcement, and the data industry, our unique approach equips law enforcement to take down human traffickers and assist victims of human trafficking.

DeliverFund is making a strategic impact to end human trafficking.

When you purchase Thrivers Coffee, you are demolishing cycles of exploitation and delivering hope.


Human trafficking is modern slavery. Men, women, and children around the globe are being bought and sold every day.

Modern slavery is defined as situations of exploitation that a person cannot refuse or cannot leave because of threats of violence, deception, abuse of power or other forms of coercion.

In the United States in 2021, 92% of new federal human trafficking prosecutions were for sex trafficking.  

(Source: Human Trafficking Institute)

Even one person is too many to suffer the horror of modern-day slavery, but 3.5 people per thousand are currently in situations of forced labor. That is the equivalent of 2-3 teens per high school in the United States.

Over 3.3 million children are impacted and over half of those are in commercial sexual exploitation.

(Source: International Labor Organization, 2022)

94.9% of child sex trafficking victims were reported as female, and the average age of all child sex trafficking victims in the US is 15 years old.

(Source: NCMEC)

Globally, 27.6 million people are experiencing forced labor on any day. These numbers have risen, primarily forced commercial sexual exploitation, by 2.7 million people since 2016.

(Source: International Labor Organization)

The only way to end the horrors of human trafficking is to remove the traffickers from the equation and put them behind bars where they belong. Deliverfund works with law enforcement partners to bring traffickers to justice and end the cycle of abuse for their victims.  

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Human Trafficking Statistics

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“In 2022, sex trafficking accounted for 97% of all trafficking cases.

Source: Human Trafficking Institute

Over half of the 3.3 million children in situations of forced labor are in commercial sexual exploitation.

Source: International Labor Organization

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There are 27.6 million people in situations of forced labor on any given day globally.

Source: International Labor Organization

The average age of a child sex trafficking victim in the United States is 15 years old.

Source: NCMEC

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